Punk Baby Clothing

Original designs with a rock twist for wee ones with more style than the average tot!


"Thank you!  Love your clothes...Also, Cami is 3 months old in that picture (we emailed.) Best of luck to you and your business.  We can't wait til we have a boy and he will be decked out in your clothes 24/7." The Cohens, Los Angeles, CA

"My bro picked us out the cutest 'Social Diapers' onesie and booties -  We've referred a bunch of friends here already!  Wishing you all the best and sending hugs from VA." Maureen and Jeffrey;) Hampton, VA

"This is AWESOME! I'm expecting so I'm going to have to tell people to buy stuff from the site for my shower." Nichole, CA

"Thanks for thinking of this. I bought some stuff for a baby shower and when I have kids I will buy from you guys.  Not all of us like the cute stuff." Teresa, Nashville, TN

"I love your stuff.  I just followed your advert link on gmail and I wish you'd been around when my kids were babies.  The "A Tad Insane" is fabulous.  The bass guitar is fabulous.  Keep up the great work." Heather, via email.

"I got my (Punk Baby) clothes yesterday...yes it was the great moment of the day for me...I love it all can't wait to order more. My sister just had a baby boy (premie though) but I will be getting him punked out. I plan on having my little Jordana pose in her new clothes, I'll be sure to share them with you all at punk baby. Thanks Punk Baby Clothing!" Ines, Riverside, CA

"Hurray for making pink cool!" Sadie, via email.

"Thank you. I received the shirt just in time for the party and it was the best gift of the bunch.  It was the only baby shower gift that the DAD went ga-ga over!" Summer, Ohio

"Thanks for being so dialed and keeping me in the loop. I will definitely recommend you to friends." Brian, Colorado

"It turns out the recipient already loved your line and has the onesie with the tie, she's stoked about the gift certificate. Thanks so much for your help" - Allison, Los Angeles

“Keep up the good work. your stuff rocks and it keeps those babies all punked out.” Amy, Texas

"I just had to tell you that your website is really cool. Now, I'm not a punk Mom but don't hold that against me. LOL  I was looking for something - can't remember what it was now but your punkbaby link caught my eye. I love the polaroids. That is a nice touch, and I love the diapers are for babies. LOL - cracked me up. Good job!"  Pam, via email.

“I'm a soon to be Mommy and I think your stuff is absolutly adorable....I found you guys on myspace and this is now one of my favorite sites for baby clothes!” Jondaee, Phoenix AZ